The “Bar” at almost any party is typically the first place that party guests go to upon arrival. Holding a glass with a refreshing drink seems to make people feel comfortable and more at ease to mingle.

While going through my collection of vintage bartender’s guides, there is a special and specific glass for every kind of cocktail. Just check out the bar glassware chart from Eric Hart’s Prop Agenda. While you can go all out and rent all kinds of specialty glasses, if you stock up on a few basic general styles then you will be prepared for just about any size and style of party.

All Purpose Stemware Glass (11 oz.) Look for a basic shape that is neither too round or too narrow. Appropriate for red and white wines, sangrias, sparkling water and champagne.

Highball Glass (8 – 10 oz) Best suited for water, soda, beers and many mixed drinks.

Old-fashion (other common names: whiskey glass, lowball or rocks glass) Use this short tumbler for drinks commonly served “on the rocks”.

Martini or Cocktail Glass (4 – 6 oz.) A specialty glass that is worth the investment. Buy a set of six or eight. Cosmopolitan and Martini drinks served in another glass just would not be the same!