How to Make Paper Cones for Party Treats


This is a simple DIY project that makes a big visual impact for displaying party treats or bar snacks. Take a piece of clean paper or use nice sturdy decorative wrapping paper. Cut into several sheets of 5″ x 5″. Put a piece of tape along one edge and roll it into a long cone. Try to keep the pointy end of the cone closed.

Use the cones to fill up with tasty bar style snacks.  To display the cone filled treats pour into a shallow box uncooked beans or small stones and insert the cones so they will stand up.  For a small gathering, use a multi-compartment box much like the Japanese bento box to offer a small mix of bar style snacks.

Cheddar popcorn, herbed almonds, crunchy baked lavosh and salted pistachios make a wonderful presentation for guests to nosh with chilled white wine or cold pale ale.

HowTo MakePaperCones



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