10 Classic Kids Party Games


Set yourself apart from the other kids parties this year and turn to some oldies but goodies classic party games.  Your guests will be entertained and your pocketbook won’t feel so empty.

Classic Kids Party Games

1. Pass the Parcel (great for kids ages 4 and up)

Wrap a prize in several layers of gift wrap.  Then pass the gift around as music plays. When the music stops , the child with the parcel unwraps one layer of gift wrapping.  Continue until the last layer is unwrapped and the prized is revealed.  The child who unwraps the last layer wins the prize.

2. Sock Game (for kids ages 4 and up)

Have a pile of socks that is at least six times the amount as your guests. Have the kids sit in a circle and play music.  Instruct the kids to put on as many socks as they can until the music stops.  The child with the most socks wins. Another variation is to use clothes.

3. Balloon Buddies (great for outside and kids ages 5 and up)

Ask the kids to partner up.  Line the pairs up back to back and place a balloon in between the pairs. Have the partners walk sideways as they race to the finish line without dropping the balloon.  If a pair drops their balloon, they need to start over again.

4. Musical Chairs (for kids ages 4 and up)

Get as many chairs as guests less one. Set up chairs in a circle facing out. Have the children stand in front of the chairs. Play some music and have the children walk around the chairs until the music stops.  When the music stops have the kids sit down until there is one kid not sitting. Remove a chair and repeat until the last kid seated wins.

5. Candy Hunt (for kids ages 3 and up)

Hide lots of candy around a big room, give each child a bag and then say “go hunt”.  Allow 5 minutes for the kids to seek and get as many candy as possible.

6. Bucket Toss (great for outside and kids ages 5 and up)

Line up a few buckets, each filled with various prizes.  Mark a line about 3 feet away and have the kids try to toss a ping pong ball into the bucket.  Give the kids 3 chances and when a ball lands in the bucket, the child wins a prize from that bucket.

7. Egg Relay (great for outside and kids ages 4 and up)

Divide your guests into two teams. Give each team and egg and each child a spoon. Have them race one by one to a designated location with the egg on the spoon.  Replace the a fallen egg with a new one. The first team to finish the race wins.

8. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Print a picture of a donkey and hang on a wall. Give a cut out of a tail with the child’s name and a piece of tape. Blind fold the child and have the child place the tail on the wall.  The child with the tail closest to the correct spot on the donkey wins.  You can do a variation on this game to match your child’s party theme.  For a princess party print a castle and have the princess in one of the tower windows then have a cut out prince.  The one with the prince closest to the princess wins.  For a train party have a long train and print out a caboose. The child with the caboose closest to the end of the train wins.

9. Hula Hoop

Pass out hula hoops and get the kids grooving to 50’s or 60’s music.  The child who can hula hoop the longest wins.

10. Who Am I? (good for all ages)

Place a picture or a name of someone on the back of everyone at the party. Then have everyone take turns asking others questions about who they may be (what’s on their back). The only answer you can give is  yes or no.  The first one to figure out who or what they are is the winner. You can make this game match your theme party.  For example if you are hosting a superhero party then print up pictures of Batman, Superman, Spiderman or for a Hollywood theme party, print up pictures of famous celebrities.



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